And they are off!


My babies are now flying away to sunny California as we speak!

I pray they have a safe flight and landing at their new home 🙂

Giggle!!!! I AM THRILLED!!!!


Leather leggings at work


OOTD – Raw Sugar high-waisted fake leather leggings, woven wool vest, nude stilettos, Mackage cape.

Now, it is important to note that I am certainly NOT someone who fears the random opinions of my peers or of my HR department and genuinely do enjoy bucking the dress code daily simply to get a reaction out of people for fun. I realize that this attitude makes me slightly more confident than others with my fashion choices in the workplace and as a result, I have become unforgettable across multiple departments. But if your dress code is a little stricter than mine, fake leather leggings can still work at your more conservative abode IF you follow certain rules.

The real trick to wearing any fake leather is to simply buy a higher quality version – fake leather leggings have the capacity to look real trashy, real fast, if you are not careful. Take my advice and avoid the $20 ones – as they are invariably poor in quality, with flimsy-looking construction and will guarantee to leave an ink stain in any seat that you may be sitting on…

Next, if you want to avoid any further negative attention from your obviously jealous colleagues (hehe), cover your bum. I would take this opportunity to play with the layering look by having lots of large, cozy, heavy and flowy pieces on top, with your cute leggings peeking out underneath. A simple stiletto or bootie will do. You will be warm (natch) but way more important than being warm – you will be chic and trendy looking – thus elevating the fake leather legging to a higher status and removing any possibility of bargain bin trashiness.

And finally, tall women can now get this look too by visiting my website! There really are no more excuses ladies…

My little bundle of joy!


My new legging shipment came in last week – and its arrival on my doorstep was met with a highly dangerous and volatile cocktail of anticipation, anxiety and excitement because:

1. I happen to LOVE getting presents.
2. Each shipment travels to me SIMPLY on faith.
3. I have an overactive imagination.

I try in vain to envision their actual location in transit, their surroundings and whether or not they are being well taken care of by their carrier or crushed under the sheer weight of their travel companions. I catch myself picturing me caught this strange travel predicament instead – and all I can come up with is a sense of being trapped…in a very small plane…overwhelmed by my 500 pound neighbor spilling over his seat and into mine…an errant child in front of me having reclined her seat all the way back…a never-ending series of mechanical and weather delays…THIS is when my panic starts to set in and my thoughts run even more out of control…

So, when I finally do get the chance to catch my breath with the receipt of an illegible notification of their arrival (and pull myself away from my overactive imagination), in what state do they appear to be in? For I could easily open the box only to find my carefully crafted leggings damaged, not in the correct quantities or worse, not up to my standards in terms of quality of construction. Since I am relying on others to perform these rather essential tasks and as someone who possesses a (slight) need for control in every situation, letting go and simply allowing them to float to my doorstep is quite a stressful event to say the least.

Thankfully as I tear the cardboard box to shreds (I did mention that I love to open presents, right?), I am able to breathe a huge sigh of relief for they have arrived in excellent condition and as expected. I have been busy most evenings this past week sorting, inspecting, folding and tagging. The assembly line that I have created on my kitchen island is rigid and efficient in its process – one that commences and ends with a smile and a celebratory sip of wine.

And with every one of my leggings from this shipment passing inspection, I now find myself looking for a local tailor. For once in my life, my pants are far too long!


I like a good win/win scenario


I took the day yesterday to attend an informal discussion on how to take a conceptual idea and move it to reality. It caught my eye in terms of subject matter seeing as I have ACTUALLY accomplished this feat but have been questioning if whether or not I have forgotten something major. Simply put – I needed a little validation for the accuracy of my self-directed (and often lucky) methods. And it seemed like the ideal way to spend a couple of hours-surrounded by like-minded peers, all in a similar quest to simply “create” something.

Plus the location JUST happened to be next door to Holt Renfrew. Win/Win scenario.

Moving into the classroom setting, I noticed the usual crowd that I have come to expect at these gatherings – the classic overachiever; the serious businessman looking to make his millions; the quirky oddball with seemingly random yet oddly precise ideas who talks CONSTANTLY; and finally, the presenter – who always seems to assume that no one will even show up. I’m starting to sense a pattern to these things.

While the examples were focused primarily on technology and gadgets (which leaves me questioning once again about the validity of me entering the fashion industry in the first place – do people really care about leggings?), the theme that remained consistent regardless of the product was the simple need to continually evaluate, test, and validate at each stage of the development process in order to form better decisions.

So, in honor of what I learned, I am off to Ottawa Fashion Week tonight to watch some shows and to surround myself once again with like-minded peers. But most importantly, I need to gauge various reactions and comments on my (beautiful!) leggings over a glass of wine and idle chit-chat to see if I am actually creating the reactions that I had originally intended to create. Fashion shows = models. And models = long legs. Win/Win scenario.

I’d like to say it was the presenter who inspired me his week but I truly think it occurred afterwards at my pseudo-mecca where I had this little revelation all by myself 🙂

Context is kinda important…


For the first time in my life, I cannot wait for summer to come to an end. In my ideal fantasy life, I see myself frolicking in a bikini on a hot sandy beach, living in some lovely tropical place, covered in nothing but sun, sand, with my perfume of choice being a mix of salt water and Hawaiian Tropic bronzing oil. I see lots of flowy, loose fabrics with the wind blowing through my hair…

Snap back to my real life, boxed in by four seasons with plenty of weather ups and downs, dreams of my leggings provide me with a similar sense of escape and excitement but in a much more marketable environment. Because really, who wants to wear skin tight leggings in the middle of an Ottawa heat wave? And as much as I love them, I look rather foolish in 30+ degree weather wearing them around the city in an attempt to gather market research and promote them to potential customers. This would inevitably attract the WRONG type of curious glance as I strut (read sweat) down the street. “Is she nuts?!” “Does she not realize how hot it is outside?!” Definitely not the reaction that I am going for in this marketing campaign…

So, while I rarely ever look forward to summer coming to an end, in this particular case, it cannot come too soon. And this morning was the first time where I could feel the crisp fall weather creeping around the corner. The air is starting to smell different. The days are starting to get shorter once again. Thoughts of cozy sweaters and stiletto ankle booties are swirling about my styling mind as we speak. And I now have the appropriate context with which to promote my leggings to others without looking a little crazy in the process.

Patience is clearly a virtue. But I think I have been patient enough.

My latest closet member!


I LOVE finding something completely unique. It’s an adrenaline rush to acquire something that others will naturally covet and fawn over. It is truly the best feeling in the world to me.

And I found this summer jacket yesterday, completely out of the blue and somewhat randomly as I wandered back to my car from the market. From the corner of my eye it grabbed me and I was powerless to its draw. One left. My size. Perfect fit. I’m not one to tempt fate.

It’s loud I know – a true statement piece. But with a simple black dress and nude heels, it will complement my personality and style to perfection. I can safely say that I am not scared of taking a fashion risk; I am used to standing out in a crowd anyways. But this jacket begs for comments from those who lack the courage to wear it themselves. And this is EXACTLY the same feeling that I want to have when selecting the fabrics for my leggings. Studded are fun; fake leather is interesting; fluorescent melon is odd…where will my choices and fearlessness take me next?

What can I say, I like to be different. Always have. But, I am beginning to wonder if others really appreciate this trait in me?

The BEST horoscope for today


Yes-I am one of those people who believes in mystical/spiritual things…

My horoscope for today could not be more accurate. Here it is!

You are building a bridge to your dreams step by step. Although the floor beneath your feet isn’t as stable as you wish, the foundation is probably strong enough to support you. You are inflating your vision of today’s potential like a child blows up a balloon. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to know where the limits are now. You might not be able to find satisfaction if you always believe the solution is right around the next corner. Sometimes happiness can be found in the present moment.

How old am I?!


I seem to be reverting back to my old high school days of staying up late (READ= working – not partying) and sleeping in, all surrounded by piles of clothes strewn about my bedroom. Think chiffon blouse hanging off my lamp. My primary reading is now fashion magazines (READ= really always has been – who’s kidding who here), and not books or novels. I am a 35 year old woman caught in the routine of an 18 year old girl – the only difference now is that I have added expensive wine to the mix and my clothes are SO much nicer than they were in high school.

When I get caught with an idea, I can’t help but latch onto it and lose more time than necessary trailing the internet into the wee hours of the morning. I am constantly researching and documenting every possible marketing opportunity for my leggings – and testing the results of each idea to see what works and what needs more work than necessary in order to make it work…Folding laundry has become low on the list of priorities.

The latest marketing find is – an on-line marketplace for creative small businesses. Clothing, accessories shoes…oh my! I have set up my leggings “shop” there in an effort to reach more people. I am curious to see the results of this little adventure as I am being lured into the depths of wonderful and unique temptations…

But I have no more room in my closet even if I lament and toss every morning because I have NOTHING to wear. At least now I can stand firm. My resolve is much stronger than before. My leggings are the number one priority for me now. My closet will have to wait.

I have eyes in the back of my head.


New goal for this week: To stop one tall woman per day and let them know that I design interesting and fun leggings for them and to engage in some informal market research. Seems very realistic and prudent to me. In order for me to achieve this goal, it will be critical to scan the crowds in my daily travels and seek out my targets with the precision of a laser and grab hold until I can engage with them.

But in reality, we all know that it won’t be THAT hard for me to lose them…

I will say that I am always surprised to encounter other tall people in my travels. I am so used to standing out in a crowd that when I do come across someone who can look at me directly into my eyes, I become a little flustered. It’s almost like I have found a long lost brother/sister who understands EVERYTHING that I go through on a daily basis who I am meeting for the very first time. Should we hug? Neither of us will have to do the awkward stoop – what a refreshing change! Ok – snap back to reality…

But there is this inherent connection that exists between us as we silently pass and communicate to each other with only our eyes as if to say “what sup” or “I got your back”. The exclusivity of this group is fiercely protected. Thankfully being one of them, I can gain access rather easily.

And I am fairly certain that I will be surprised with the results.