Letter writing is a dying art form

Dear Jane,

Thank you for the lovely wishes – you are in my thoughts more often than you think 🙂 I am starting early with my birthday celebrations by enjoying a glass of wine, snuggled on my couch with my boy, watching the Olympics. While I am certainly NOT happy about getting any older…I think I’m pretty lucky to be exactly where I am sitting right now 🙂

It’s been awhile since you have had an update – seems like time is passing faster than I would like… After the article was published in the Saturday Style section of the Citizen, I’ve had several more sales but more importantly, some amazing words of encouragement from total strangers. They have given me the confidence to continue – and that is exactly what I am going to do 🙂 In March, I will be starting to develop a long, flowy, silk chiffon maxi skirt for tall women – think light fabric just billowing in the wind as she/I walk by! Very excited! But as usual, I’ve needed to teach myself (yet again) on how to construct it (I can’t seem to let things go undiscovered) and so this became my #1 goal after New Year’s Day.

After (some) trial and error, I have finished my best version yet this past weekend! I’m thrilled because not only is the fabric is a little unusual but the actual construction is straight and strong – and I am so excited to wear it! Now, I have no illusions here – I still need to have them professionally constructed for the business ( I’m not exactly that quick…) but I have a good template to work with now and I know exactly what I want.

As for my writing, it seems to have hit a block lately – perhaps because I have been focusing all of my creative energy into a more tactile format…but I’m sure that it will come back to me – I enjoy it far too much to simply let it go…

Enjoy the day with your family on Friday – our guardian angel is watching us. I continue to pass by regularly to say hello and leave a little something of thanks behind 🙂

I hope all is well 🙂 Big hugs all around!
Love Alissa xo


Day 1 – I’ve been dared to make my dream come true in less than 2 months…

Excuse me while I freak out for a bit

Excuse me while I freak out for a bit

What can I say – my life has hit a rut; the proverbial bump in the road. As most people do, I happen to work in an office. A fantastic corner cube with a window. 2 desks. People knock on the fake door. I have it all. But what they do not know is that I have a little secret…I actually lead a double life.

Analyst by day.
Fashion Designer by night.

I’m the equivalent of a modern-day superhero. Spiderman without the jumpsuit. But my boss doesn’t yell at me.

I must say that it’s not always easy to keep up with the daily charade. My thoughts wander regularly as I gaze out my window. How do I do it you ask? I barely sleep. And I happen to be a really good actress.
Why do I do it you ask? I really have nothing left to lose and I can never back down from a challenge – especially one that involved a high-five.

But most importantly, I seriously have nothing to wear!

OK-please don’t laugh…it’s true!

I’m a 6 foot tall woman living in a fashion world designed for a cute 5’4 physique. My ankles are freezing and I am utterly exhausted with trying to make due with what is available to me! Being the resourceful woman that I am, I have come up with a viable and brilliant solution – if I can’t find it, then I will make it.

I can already feel the creative juices flowing again. My ideas are endless. But to really get the adrenaline pumping through my veins, it has to be done in 2 months or less. We shook on it. It’s a done deal.

Can someone please tell me what have I gotten myself into this time?