A new-found respect for the fashion photographer


My attention is always being pulled in the oddest of directions. And with a fashion show, one would expect that my attention would be squarely focused to the MASSIVE stage in the middle of the MASSIVE room but true to form, the obvious does not hold my interest for very long. I was particularly interested and drawn to the photographers situated at the end of the runway. For there they rest, silently waiting in the shadows for their prey; once the scripted pose is achieved, their furious snapping begins. And just as fast as it all starts – it ends – and they simultaneously drop their weapons as she floats away.

It was the same scenario for each person that graced the end of that stage. And oddly enough – I was completely mesmerized by the pattern. But don’t tell that to the designer presenting on stage. It will be our little secret…

I guess the stage show didn’t draw my attention like it should have because it all seemed to be rather contrived. Way too controlled despite the lively music. Not to mention the fact that EVERYTHING is beautiful at a distance. And I happen to be someone who genuinely appreciates fine details – which are next to impossible to observe in low lighting on a moving subject. But it was my observations of the photographers as they scrolled through their shots, clearly deleting the ones that were not worthy of the space, that offered me the sense of authenticity that I was seeking from the event. Their presence also provided me with an interesting and creative point of view with which to observe, because each photographer was vying to get a slightly different shot than the other, even though they were all presented with the exact same material to work with. I watched as some moved about the room, capturing different angles, all in the hopes of communicating the emotion that the designer was hoping to achieve; even if the model was unable to convey it clearly.

A fascinating evening indeed for very different reasons than one would ever imagine.


I like a good win/win scenario


I took the day yesterday to attend an informal discussion on how to take a conceptual idea and move it to reality. It caught my eye in terms of subject matter seeing as I have ACTUALLY accomplished this feat but have been questioning if whether or not I have forgotten something major. Simply put – I needed a little validation for the accuracy of my self-directed (and often lucky) methods. And it seemed like the ideal way to spend a couple of hours-surrounded by like-minded peers, all in a similar quest to simply “create” something.

Plus the location JUST happened to be next door to Holt Renfrew. Win/Win scenario.

Moving into the classroom setting, I noticed the usual crowd that I have come to expect at these gatherings – the classic overachiever; the serious businessman looking to make his millions; the quirky oddball with seemingly random yet oddly precise ideas who talks CONSTANTLY; and finally, the presenter – who always seems to assume that no one will even show up. I’m starting to sense a pattern to these things.

While the examples were focused primarily on technology and gadgets (which leaves me questioning once again about the validity of me entering the fashion industry in the first place – do people really care about leggings?), the theme that remained consistent regardless of the product was the simple need to continually evaluate, test, and validate at each stage of the development process in order to form better decisions.

So, in honor of what I learned, I am off to Ottawa Fashion Week tonight to watch some shows and to surround myself once again with like-minded peers. But most importantly, I need to gauge various reactions and comments on my (beautiful!) leggings over a glass of wine and idle chit-chat to see if I am actually creating the reactions that I had originally intended to create. Fashion shows = models. And models = long legs. Win/Win scenario.

I’d like to say it was the presenter who inspired me his week but I truly think it occurred afterwards at my pseudo-mecca where I had this little revelation all by myself 🙂