Sunday afternoon reading

An excellent reminder...

An excellent reminder…


At this rate, I’ll be a burnt tomato. But there is nothing more decadent than reading under a tree and daydreaming.


Can a body really be standardized?

Just the way I am

Just the way I am

We had to take our measurements in class today. One did not have to be perceptive to FEEL and SEE the look of fear that appeared in their eyes during the explanation of this group exercise. It was like time began to move in slow motion. A pin may have also dropped quietly during this sequence. The simultaneous glare directed squarely at the instructor was an epic event to observe.

Then, as if on cue, they all turned that same quiet, angry, painful glare towards me at the same time.


OK – I am tall, thin, with really long legs. I always have been this way and probably always will be. It’s just the way that my body was made. And while there is a certain amount of satisfaction in maintaining my small yet lanky frame, it all washes away when I am subjected to either mass female anger or as I try to jam myself into clothes that are simply ill-created to fit my body.

Nothing is ever really perfect, right?

But my towering stature is simply off the charts. At 185 cm tall, I theoretically am not even ON the sizing chart – and I therefore DO NOT EVEN EXIST by manufacturing standards! And this does not even begin to factor in my weight…

So, if I go by these handy charts to select my ideal frame with the next closest height – which generally stands about 5’10 – apparently it means that I should also be wearing an XL?!

WTF! I’m 6 feet tall and 130 lbs.
No, I’m not anorexic but thank you for asking. BTW – My croissants for breakfast this morning were simply divine…

But you can see the problem, no?! The proportions are all out of whack!

There has to be more like me out there no?

Now it all makes sense…

So many opportunities for error...

So many opportunities for error…

I finally understand why these discount “designer brand” big box stores exist – pattern errors.

Sitting in class yesterday made me realize that pattern making is truly an art and a gift – and a dying skill in a world of computerized cutting, foreign production and mass-manufacturing.

Not that I ever imagined that I would take on this responsibility for my business! But I feel that it is critical for me to understand all aspects of the fashion industry so that when I do hire my technical staff, I at least can tell when the wool is being pulled over my eyes…

This is going to be a real challenge to overcome. Good thing that I am stubborn as hell.

Back to school!

That's me on my way to class!

That’s me on my way to class!

So, since I need more information on what it takes to design a line of leggings for stunning, tall women, I’m off to the Richard Robinson School of Design for some classes to learn the importance of pattern making!

I do nothing half-assed.

More inspiration…and more questions…

Back to the beginning for inspiration


About the only time in my life where I feel small is when I am deep in the woods. Yes, you guessed it, I am tall. But not when I am amongst the trees.

When on the edge, the trees both gradually yet suddenly tower above me, blocking the sky from my view, and huddling me warmly into their home and far away from mine. I am simply forced to look up in amazement at their height, their strength and their (relative) sense of permanence. They face similar challenges just as I do. Strong winds will push them in ways they are not meant to go. Both animals and humans will cause injury to their trunks and branches like some sort of annoying pest might. Some age gracefully; others do not. But for the most part, their ability to remain firmly rooted to the ground and unfazed by the constant challenges that surrounds them, is truly inspiring.

For each season, they shed and change, reminding me that nothing in life is ever truly permanent yet they somehow always return back to the beginning, starting anew, but this time with a learned adaptation to protect and heal from the experience. The weight of their collective silence forces me to pause my thoughts. The crunch beneath my feet reminds me that I am moving forward. I can sometimes look back to see where I have been. And the idea that I may even become lost if I am not careful of my surroundings is, oddly enough, an exhilarating thought.

And maybe that’s why I feel more comfortable in woods than I really ought to be. I am a giant of the human world; they are the giants of the natural world. It’s nice to be around and to learn from those who understand what it’s like to be me.

Saturday reading material

A fantastic find

A fantastic find

My plans today are to simply find a quiet place in the sun, with a fruity and high-caloric beverage and simply enjoy the bright blue sky. I may even take a little nap to get deeper into my dreams!

I highly recommend this read 🙂

A small exerpt A small excerpt

But wait a second – businesses fail all the time…

Leap of faith

Leap of faith


Reality has just hit me. Who am I to design clothes for tall women? I don’t know the first thing about sewing, production processes, fabric selections or pattern making…

Ok, calm down – I do know that this is not something that I will be taking lightly. I do have a plan. I have done some research.

But I am also jumping rather blindly into an industry that is somewhat foreign to me. And this is what I will share with you as I go through this journey. All the ups and downs. And at the end of it all, you will be the first to see my creations and the ultimate completiton of my goals.

But where do I start?

At least I have a good understanding and instinct when it comes to business. That is half the battle. And I do enjoy a good adrenaline rush…

I’ve studied endlessly. I’ve been reading voraciously.
And most importantly, I’ve been told that my eyes glitter when I start to express all my ideas and thoughts…

Stay with me. You’ll see. It will get interesting very soon…

My Childhood Fashion Idol is Jem from the Holograms.

My childhood fashion idol

My childhood fashion idol

She is gorgeous. She can sing and dance. And she has a killer body with pink hair, always fighting against the jealousy of others. I am a child of the 80’s and as such, she was my idol every Saturday morning.

This venture though has left me pondering all of my fashion inspirations; those people or events who have left an indelible mark on my desires and psyche. These inspirations have come in many different forms over the years – from people, to fictional characters, to art and life. They are too many to list here. But their impact has been both clear and subliminal all at once and I am thankful for my exposure to them all.

Their common thread seems to be that they all possess a strong sense of individuality – that feeling of going against the grain. Of simply expressing themselves without any fear of what others may be doing or thinking. They always seem to be going their own way.

As a result, all my fashion choices for my own closet have been directed in this same way. I always seek the most coveted of pieces. Nothing brings me greater pleasure then when a stranger stops me in the street demanding to know where I had aquired such an item. I love being known as having a killer wardrobe. And I work very hard at selecting and creating each piece for their uniqueness and beauty.

As a result, my greatest fear is not public speaking. It’s not nudity. It’s losing my luggage at the airport.

My eye is naturally drawn to the unique and interesting. And like most things in life, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean that I will ever give up trying.

And I now have been given carte-blanche to create whatever my little heart desires…

I’m not ashamed that I read Cosmo. The articles are actually really informative….

I'm not afraid to admit that I read Cosmo

I’m not afraid to admit that I read Cosmo

I have no idea where to start. But I happen to be an incredibly stubborn woman and I have NEVER backed down from a challenge.


BTW – random thought – I’d be the perfect partner on The Amazing Race.

But, back to reality, I must say that it was an unassuming article from “Ask Jean” in a recent Cosmopolitan magazine that really helped me to put this whole venture into perspective and gave me the focus and common sense approach that I needed. I was especially drawn to number 2; the need to invent something that will help solve one of mankind’s problems.

I happen to know that freezing cold ankles is a SERIOUS problem for the 6 foot tall woman…

It really should be considered outrageous what we must endure as we attempt to cover our ENTIRE leg length! Does the general public have any idea that this is occurring right now on a daily basis all around the world?! Is the fashion industry discriminating against us, forcing us long-legged women into chronic frostbite-like conditions?! I can already see the headlines on CNN “The plight of the tall, long-legged woman…”

I’m definitely taking a risk by focusing on long legs. A niche market. My family already thinks that I am crazy so no need to worry there. I see lots of sighing and head shaking going on as we speak.

Pro: My ankles will be warm and the world will be relieved of my DIY alterations and modifications to my clothes in order to cover the fact that they do not fit. I can already see my ankle frostbite awareness campaign completely averted in the near future…

Con: Utter and complete failure. I guess I will always have my cube… But, by not following through on this dare, I would never live it down at social gatherings for the rest of my life – forever considered the wuss…

Ugh. Peer pressure at 35. Awesome.

I always tend to gravitate towards people who deliver on what they say they will. I also tend to consider myself as part of this illustrious group. I guess I now will really be putting all of that to the test.

Start date April 22, 2013. No turning back now….

Be sure to follow my progress everyday – lots of twists and turns ahead…