The first thing is to suspend my disbelief…


I’m nervous.

I’m so excited that I am borderline childish…

Will she like me?

My heels are inappropriate with all this slippery weather…

Will I stutter?

Will I laugh awkwardly and controllably?

Am I wearing too much lipstick?

This necklace is scratchy.

Here goes nothing…I must remember to suspend my disbelief.


How to give a bottle of ketchup for Christmas and not look cheap

Raw Sugar

Christmas Tourtiere Recipe

For a yummy and indulgent meal this holiday season – without any thought of calories, fat (save that for March when bikini season is fast approaching), or any other modern sense of health-related reasoning – try this meat pie. I can guarantee you that it will bring the tallest and strongest man quite literally to his knees in utter gratitude and awe for your homemade creation! Seriously ladies – if you need a proposal, this is the smoking gun…I should know – I have gotten 2 as a result….

BTW – it takes a couple of days if you want to do it right. I got this recipe from a proper, elderly, French Canadian woman -quantities and instructions can be sketchy at times so go with your gut – as all cooking really ought to be done anyways…

It will make 3 pies – but don’t worry…

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