Smiling as I write this!


Some simply yet very poignant words were spoken to me last night, gently reminding me that while my path is long and at times, very rocky, that it is meant to be this way – and to never give up. I realized in a matter of seconds that while my circle may be very small, it is very real. And I am thankful for all those who surround me – whether it be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Each person brings an important gift to my table that I graciously accept. So needless to say, my smile became rather wide and genuine last night over a very spontaneous moment of encouragement.

I’d like to pass on that same advice to all of my followers, whose presence is felt in a same yet very different manner from my “in flesh” friends. Never give up. Keep moving forward even though it seems like you are walking through mud and the end is nowhere in sight. You have a dream – look around at yourself right now – because you are actually living it despite all the struggles and disappointment. Look how far you have come and be proud of your accomplishments towards making that dream a reality. And if you haven’t made the leap yet out of fear, do not fret. But I’d advise you to truly ask yourself in a very quiet and reflective manner – what do I really have to lose?

I enjoy this process and outlet. It’s a strangely distant yet close circle of unknown faces all supporting one another towards a common goal. Thank you for listening. I hope I brought a spontaneous smile to your face today 🙂


2 thoughts on “Smiling as I write this!

  1. Love this! Sometimes it is hard to accept when things don’t go the way we want, when we want it. But, when it finally all comes together we will appreciate it that much more.

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