My daily mantra


There is nothing I hate more than excuses. Maybe it’s because of my age or my life experiences but my tolerance and acceptance for them is little to none. Now if you REALLY want to test this theory and get my blood boiling, give me a really lame excuse with a straight face. I dare you. I do enjoy the challenge of calling out said “lame excuse giver” using no words at all and simply using my stare as a means of communicating my displeasure over the whole situation. But my natural non-verbal communication ultimately never allows for this scenario to occur as most people will read this intolerance in me and not even dare try.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not a tyrant – I am a fairly easy going and reasonable person. I can understand that sometimes life gets in the way of doing certain things. I get it…for I am currently living this exact same scenario right now, preventing me from moving forward in the way that I want to. It happens with every project to a certain extent and when it does, the path naturally stops, shifts and morphs, clearing the way for new ideas and opportunities to be observed which were not previously seen. But to me, these “excuses” represent all those inevitable little bumps in the road and do not prevent the overall goals and expectations from somehow being achieved – it just changes their patterns slightly…

Wait – did I just MAKE UP AN EXCUSE?! OK fine. Clearly I’m far from perfect myself – but I think you understand what I mean… At some point, you simply have to deliver on what you promised. And I happen to place very high standards on myself and those who surround me. And since we shook hands, I am now expecting results. I can be a little old-school in that respect.

Why is this so hard for others to understand?


What do you think?

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