Have I made a mistake?


I think that if one really wants to make money in business, one must try to sell something that is completely meek, practical, unassuming and not sexy by any means. Anything other than the utterly mundane exposes the product to the inconsistent and ever-changing whims of the consumer. I shudder at that thought because I am acutely aware of my own whims. And I really don’t want to find my carefully crafted leggings at the bottom of the bin at Winners, tossed aside simply out of boredom and peer pressure.

“Keep things simple” I’m told. “Don’t over-think your product”! But if I don’t make clothes, what else will I create? All the really good products have already been developed! I was born decades too late!

What is mundane? Toilet paper comes to mind here. Toothbrushes are equally interesting. They somehow have massive R&D budgets allotted for “innovation, design and function” when we all know that its really just slick marketing at its best. It’s a brush with bristles. Yet, slap “new” on its package and I will fall for it each and every time. Gold-mine… And think of all the little hinges and springs attached to millions of products that seem so trivial yet are so critical to the overall functioning of said object – especially realized when they become lost in a DIY repair project – that are being manufactured and sold at an astounding rate.

Sadly, fashion does not fall into this category by any means. Has this been my first major mistake in business? Knowingly entering an industry that is fickle, over-crowded, over-emotional and vapid?

Ugh. Maybe I need to clarify the real reason why I went into business in the first place then – to make money (would be nice…) or to simply create something that brings me joy as I walk down the street?

The ultimate struggle.


What do you think?

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