Never a dull moment in Wonderland


It was quite the scene at the condo last night. I could try to make it seem all glamorous and chic for you but in reality it was exactly what it was – a makeshift spa in my bathroom. Picture me conducting my weekly pedicure with a glass of rosé teetering precariously on the edge of a sink while devouring the pages of Peter Drucker – all while jammed into a 6 by 6 foot box.

At least I was wearing silk. Important to note here – I purposefully train myself in hostile environments on a regular basis so that I may be a lethal weapon from top to bottom.

I’ve been wandering quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, uncertain of my path and feeling a little lost. Very Alice in Wonderland, with the usual oddities and confusion, all while trying to decipher skewed advice from the Cheshire Cat. Thankfully, I have been without the plain headband and meek blue pinafore but regardless of my choice of armor, I am still trying to jam myself into doors that magically seem to shrink the closer I approach them. Even amongst all of the circular logic and temptations to lead me down the wrong path, I have been able to pull myself together by starting over and reviewing the basics. Hence the Peter Drucker reading material. The angry cards are starting to dissipate behind me now.

Consistent. Thoughtful. Measured. Efficient. Focused. These are the themes that I always take from his writings in business. They are the perfect reminder for me since I am caught dealing with constant nonsense all around me as I desperately try to emerge from this black hole unscathed and in one piece. All without the use of drugs. The man is a genius.

And the results of my pedicure you ask? Bright, blood red of course. Feeling rather fiery this week. And let’s be honest here – I am truly more like the Queen in this story than silly little Alice…


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