But if I don’t ask, no one will ever know


You know that internal lesson that every teenager is taught while growing up – the one where you think that everybody is paying attention to every minute detail of your life when in reality no one even realizes that you are around…I have to say that I am falling into this known trap right now. And I am 35.

And the context for this adult case is that I am thinking that everybody knows every detail of my leggings when in reality no one truly knows what I am doing. Because why would they unless I tell them so?

This is a difficult hurdle for me to cross personally because I cannot be that annoying person who constantly shouts through all well-positioned media outlets “Look at me! Look at me!” whose timeline is littered with odd selfies and minor stalker-like behaviors. Providing my followers with constant awareness is a very delicate dance between authentic self-promotion and shameless self-centeredness. But it is also a very necessary hurdle for me to get over if I am ever to be successful in this venture.

I can say that I am confident in my product. I have worn my studded leggings on several occasions (not always – I do have to pay attention to the other members of my closet too or else there will be a secret mothball coup planned in my absence, rooted simply in scorn and jealousy). One thing I am really pleased with is the fact that the fabric does not sag by the end of the day. There is really nothing worse than loose leggings. So, I know that I am on the right track and that my designs have merit.

Now I just need to know what other tall women think about them…


What do you think?

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