Some things never really change


I find now that I have really immersed myself into this design venture, I can sense that my identity is shifting slightly and re-aligning itself more towards its natural internal rhythm. I have never really been one to follow the crowd – I have always been a little quirky in my sense of style. The only difference now is that I understand its power and have accepted my fate in the matter. I am no longer fighting to be something that I am not.

I can recall a time in high school when I found the most beautiful sequenced skirt in a dirty old vintage shop in Toronto that absolutely glittered in the sun when I walked. I think I was 14. That’s when I started to assign value to clothing – as being not utilitarian but as something that holds an emotion; all with the ability to communicate non-verbally when I was not always able to do so using the basic framework of teenage language. I have to thank my dad for indulging my budding sense of creativity at that time; patiently waiting in a shop, looking completely out of his element, all while paying the bill.

No one at my school had anything like it. I recall even the teachers commenting on my sense of style at that time. It barely fit and was probably overpriced for what it was but it completely made me different from the crowd and loved how I felt when the light reflected off of it. I have no idea where that skirt is now or if someone else is using it as a means of fashion communication. I do secretly hope that it is wandering around somewhere on another young woman’s hips, providing the same joy to her and fueling the creativity for the next generation of fashion stylist.


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