How old am I?!


I seem to be reverting back to my old high school days of staying up late (READ= working – not partying) and sleeping in, all surrounded by piles of clothes strewn about my bedroom. Think chiffon blouse hanging off my lamp. My primary reading is now fashion magazines (READ= really always has been – who’s kidding who here), and not books or novels. I am a 35 year old woman caught in the routine of an 18 year old girl – the only difference now is that I have added expensive wine to the mix and my clothes are SO much nicer than they were in high school.

When I get caught with an idea, I can’t help but latch onto it and lose more time than necessary trailing the internet into the wee hours of the morning. I am constantly researching and documenting every possible marketing opportunity for my leggings – and testing the results of each idea to see what works and what needs more work than necessary in order to make it work…Folding laundry has become low on the list of priorities.

The latest marketing find is – an on-line marketplace for creative small businesses. Clothing, accessories shoes…oh my! I have set up my leggings “shop” there in an effort to reach more people. I am curious to see the results of this little adventure as I am being lured into the depths of wonderful and unique temptations…

But I have no more room in my closet even if I lament and toss every morning because I have NOTHING to wear. At least now I can stand firm. My resolve is much stronger than before. My leggings are the number one priority for me now. My closet will have to wait.


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