It was a long night


I need to re-stipple my ceiling.

I came to this conclusion last night (this morning) as I stared intently at all the little ridges and bumps dancing in the shadows of the moonlight all while secretly cursing my barista for the non-decaf shot in my latte from lunch. Clearly, I am suffering from first world problems.

I remembered experiencing a similar moment just about the same time last year. I also remembered thinking at that time how I was trapped, unable to move forward in my life, feeling stuck with no conceivable way to get myself out of the jam that I was in. When I think back at those memories and compare them to what I am surrounded with now and the opportunities ready to be seized, I never imagined that I would have made as far as I did.

While staring at the ridges, I find myself having similar feelings yet again with this venture – I seem to be stuck, how am I going to make this work, where am I going?; all forgetting the fact that situations in my life seem to have a funny way of working themselves out. I can’t even conceive of where I will be this time NEXT year…

I just need to have faith. The path that I am on will lead me to where I want to go.


What do you think?

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