Now I need to buy a photocopier…


You know, sometimes I even amaze myself. I seem to have this knack for starting a project with seemingly impossible barriers and then turning around and completing said project with flying colours.

This skill was yet again demonstrated to me last night while I was hanging the beautiful (!) shots from my website in my stairwell.

In the dark.
While drinking sangria.
And the frames I bought had the backing with those pesky two hooks instead of one.

The bonus of this little story was that I found out that I somehow own a level. Who knew?!

Ok-I’ll explain. I was in darkness only because I lack man-hands and one of my fuses is screwed in too tight and I can’t get it out to replace it. And the frames were on sale so I was more interested in the great deal then the actual mechanics that were lurking in the back.

The sangria, however, was completely self-inflicted.

All these events seemed to collide and cause yet another eventful evening in my home. And also reminded me that I am forever going against the odds in everything that I do. Did I mention this was all done while balancing on stairs?!

But the frames look so pretty on the wall. And I got to take a moment to step back and really see the fruits of all my labour.

My grin was pretty deep last night. And it wasn’t from the sangria.


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