Now what?


Ok – now what? All I can hear are quiet crickets chirping occasionally in the background…
I must say, this has been a rather anti-climactic experience. It reminds me of New Years Eve at midnight. All this build up and excitement leading up to the moment and then as the seconds tick by, nothing really changes. No weird Y2K glitches have occurred. I will sheepishly admit here that my naiveté has gotten the better of me this time around.

Now, I am left pondering my next move all while scratching my head and looking a little perplexed. I spent quite a bit of time wandering aimlessly yesterday trying to process all of my thoughts. I had assumed that a launch would be my final task in this venture; that all work completed over the last year would simply culminate to this very moment and the ultimate fruition of all my e-commerce goals and dreams would come true…in essence, the ultimate rookie mistake. Launching has been, in reality, simply the beginning of my journey and that I have really only accomplished half of my task by bringing these leggings to market. I have developed, designed, produced and successfully created a platform for them to be sold. A major feat in of itself. But, if no one knows about my leggings, all this work becomes useless and could be simply filed under the “very expensive hobby” category.

So, now comes the next major phase in this venture – marketing and networking. And it just so happens that these two critical skills are also my two biggest weaknesses…

The furrowed brow has to stop – I can’t afford Botox.


What do you think?

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