FAQ? How about ‘Never’ Asked Questions…


I am tinkering right now, refining the details of my site by studying other sites and the features that they offer. Not that I want to copy what others are doing, but there is certainly a standard that exists in the e-commerce world and shoppers are naturally accustomed to certain layouts and data fields. I keep reading about all these “abandoned carts” that I need to avoid creating; of which makes me think of some pathetic dark and dirty repository somewhere on the outskirts of the city, hidden from view, and piled high with the unwanted and discarded. Just like the island of misfit toys. Like I would want to send my leggings to such a terrible and lonely place like that…

I have glossy photos thanks to my shoot. I have a blog like every human on the planet. I have inserted the standard legal data for my terms and conditions and privacy policies pages which exist for all businesses to use and be protected (?) by. But I see that I am missing an FAQ page.

Well, ok. Now I am stumped. No one has asked me any questions about this business or its operations ever, let alone on a frequent basis…

I guess this is where I can explain why I am limiting my quantities. Why my styles will always be changing. Why I have to take baby steps and test certain logistics before I can take over the world! (hehehe). These are all details that I have stuck in my head and I understand their rationale but the customer will be completely unaware of.

After proof reading all the legal stuff and snapping back from the blurred page, it is all feeling a little dry. And I think I need to inject a little more of my humour into the site. And this might be an interesting place to start…


What do you think?

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