Day 60 – Last day of the dare! I did it!


I seem to be forgetful of exactly how much I have accomplished over the past few months. It doesn’t seem like THAT big of a deal. Am I cocky? Maybe a little – this isn’t a new personal insight. But, I truly don’t notice my progress in this venture until I have to describe it to a complete stranger.

And this is what happened yesterday at the salon when I wandered in to pick up some products. I really needed a quick blow out. There was a special. I couldn’t resist despite not knowing whether she was capable or not. I like to live rather dangerously…

The conversation began on a tentative note with the usual general comments about the weather and liking my dress and shoes – “wow! I love your purse”… Then came the “what do you do for a living?” question.

Well, I do a lot of things…

Next thing I know, her genuine excitement forces me to show her a picture from my photo shoot, as I am describing the entire development process of my leggings and how I have made sure that I have educated myself on each step of the process so that I am aware of what’s to come and what I ought to expect from any individuals that I decide to hire. I see her jaw dropping and prying me for even more information than is really necessary in my awkward, new-found friendship with this complete stranger.

And, in my head, I am listening to the absolute nonchalance in my voice. It doesn’t match her obvious interest and excitement in her voice. And then I realize that I am belittling myself in my accomplishments. I should be enjoying this moment and show how proud I am of my accomplishments regardless of its success or not. Why am I somehow shying away from taking any credit for what I have in fact achieved?

The appointment ended with her asking for my site because she has a friend who happens to be over 6 feet tall. I happily oblige reminding her that my leggings will be for sale beginning on June 30th. When I left the salon, I had a feeling like I had just jumped over another personal hurdle in this whole process – to finally assign a sense of ownership and pride in myself for my accomplishments.

Now I better deliver on what I have now promised to this woman or else I can never show my face at this blow out bar ever again!


What do you think?

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