Did I lose the bet?


I strutted into that bar with my head held high and filled with confidence.

All because my good friend was about to eat crow over the progress of this little dare we started not 2 months ago.

It’s been awhile since he had an update. I thought that it would be a good idea to bring him up to speed with everything that I have done in person as this would ensure that he could see everything in my eyes to know that I am not exaggerating on the fast progress of the events. While I didn’t want to be all cocky about the situation (ok, maybe a little) I still wanted to make sure that I won this bet. And so far, I think I am killing it.

Website created = check
Product developed = check
Business Plan = check

What else could I possibly be missing?

The smirk on his face made me nervous. He knows me all too well – he knows that this is exactly the way to put me on edge and get me all panicky “what am I possibly missing then?” I start to rack my brain on all the different possibilities and then it dawns on me – he’s got me on one aspect; the original bet states that it has to be done within 60 days. Ok – I have to admit, he has me there. I will miss that aspect of the bet – but not by much.

Everything that has been accomplished so far has taken exactly the right amount of time needed to get things done. Pushing things too fast in order to simply meet this goal would have resulted in cutting corners. And while I absolutely hate to lose, I am satisfied if I end up losing this bet as a result of going over my time limit by a week or two. I am not a sore loser.

My official launch date is June 30, 2013.

Close enough. I’ve almost finished what I started. I didn’t flake out by coming up with excuses as to why it wasn’t possible and then turn around and complain endlessly about my unsatisfying life. And I just secretly raised the bar to a new level in our friendship.


What do you think?

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