Sweating bullets over a “thingy”

Final fitting!

I have just lived through the scariest three days of this whole venture so far.

I wasn’t satisfied with my initial shopping site. As someone who is new to all this computer stuff, I didn’t know what I could or couldn’t do with a shopping site so I just started with one company based on a slick marketing campaign. And true to my nature, I stumbled upon something even better and decided to make the switch.

To provide some context to this little adventure, I cannot ever unhook my TV. I managed to get it set up by fluke and have no idea what I did to accomplish this task. My brain simply does not function to intuitively know how electronics communicate back and forth with one another – even with all that handy colour coding in the wires… All I know is that it works. And I simply walk away from it gingerly so as to not rock the boat with the electronic gods…

So, embarking with this switch, I was faced with a dilemma. How do I undo something that I didn’t really do in the first place and re-create it in another platform that I have no idea what the mechanics are?

I cringe at the thought of calling the support line. I cannot even explain what I need to do without using the word “thingy” in my description. This will inevitably lead to the question “is your computer plugged in?” of which I will respond by rolling my eyes and sighing (and quickly checking the connection for arguments sake). Our “supportive” relationship has started off on the wrong foot and we both naturally become combative. End result = “supportive” man becomes dismissive and I still don’t have things settled with my “thingy”.

Plus, I JUST cancelled a monthly subscription. They are REALLY not going to help me give money to their competitors, are they?

In the end, it was YouTube who saved me. It took me three days in testing, updating and teetering on the verge of panic but finally I got the right combination of data in the right fields and the switch has been made! I literally screamed in delight when the scary red icon reading FAILURE changed to OK!

And I am now gingerly walking away from my laptop, all while quietly thanking the electronic gods.


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