I got my proofs!

Time to celebrate!  The wait is over!

Time to celebrate! The wait is over!

There are hundreds of shots to sift through. It is very odd to look at myself repeatedly and then ask my friends what their opinion is of how I look. The whole act seems rather vain to me. Of course, my friends exude nothing but positivity for anything that I do related to this venture, so I am taking their excitement with a grain of salt. As a result, I’ve needed to seek the advice of certain people in my life; people who I go to great lengths to shelter and protect any possible vulnerability from; and open myself up to them and their honest (and potentially brutal) opinion.

Since I am not a “yes” person in my own life (a fact that always seems to get me into trouble…) I certainly don’t want to surround myself with a bunch of “yes” people when seeking advice for this venture. I love my friends but I require an absolutely emotionless and honest opinion.

While there are the usual odd angles, poses that didn’t quite translate right even though at the time they seemed like a really good idea and shots with closed eyes, I also have many usable shots for my website that display the product well and in a professional manner.

So (with a bit of liquid courage), the shots have been exposed for brutal honesty. Arguments for or against have been pitched. My gut is telling me the direction I ought to go. Now I just need a couple of days to think everything through before making a final decision.

And this is the perfect task to do when I am driving to Montreal. I have nothing but time to think and plan my next move.


What do you think?

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