My first day as a model


I stood gingerly on the paper backdrop in my fabulous heels in front of the camera and said naively to my photographer “what do I do now?” She laughed. This was her first obvious clue that I had no idea what I was doing…

She immediately commented that she LOVED the colour of my nails and that they will look fantastic in the colour shots – as if I had somehow planned it this way. I hit my forehead rather dumbly – I hadn’t even thought of that! Luck has struck me once again! I knew there was to be justification for all my frivolous manicures!

Then she just started snapping.

OK – deer in headlights is not a good look. My inner mind just started to spin out of control in ADD proportions. “This whole production is costing me a fortune…these lights are really hot…the last thing I need is to have dead eyes, poor posture and nothing to work with at the end of it all PLUS a bill that needs to be paid…is that little blemish covered completely…what’s that in the corner?…”

I literally had to yell at myself inside my head to snap out of it! WTF – I will probably never see these people ever again anyways! This is my chance to practice expressing my true passion and enthusiasm for this venture to complete strangers. I may never have another opportunity to do anything like this ever again! I am literally living a mini-version of a dream I once held as a teenager flipping through all those beautiful magazines, admiring those women and what they were bringing to those glossy pages. I should be forever grateful for this once in a lifetime experience! I’m ACTUALLY living a daydream!

OK- with control and sanity regained, I decided it would be best to start talking about everything that I have done to bring me to this point only because I have been told that my eyes glitter when I do. I had to do something to pull this from the fire. And that’s when my postures relaxed and I started to move my body and provide her lens with range.

And she too breathed an audible sigh of relief. Possibly with an eye roll as if to say – “Finally. Now, we are getting somewhere…”


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