Photo Shoot

I'm a fabulous actress

I’m a fabulous actress

It’s a rather tight schedule today with hair, makeup and styling for the photo shoot. I am amazed at the logistics involved to pull something like this together. Thankfully, I have amazing faith in my hair stylist that I can simply sit back and let her do what she needs to do in order to make me look fantastic. I plan to enjoy her silence. I have a feeling that this will be the only time of peace and quiet before the frenzy begins.

I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t terrified of this moment. While I am very accustomed to being thrown into new situations, meeting new people and charming them, it’s all part of the performance. That is something that comes very naturally to me. I can mould and mimic myself to match any person and situation in order to make them feel more comfortable with my presence. That part is not what is causing all this concern. It’s that I can perform all that I want, smile, pose, giggle – but take away those superficial layers and smokescreens and we are only left with the photo. And the photo is the photo. I can’t change how I physically look in eye of the lens.

I am a normal person. I am not a model. If I somehow had that photogenic ability I would have been doing it for a living by now. Hey – I’m not one to pass up an opportunity. But I’ve never been asked. And despite all the hair and makeup and Photoshop that exists, I will be exposing myself today to a raw truth. And I am nervous of the results.


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