Review of the week

My path is long, dark and full of twists and turns...

My path is long, dark and full of twists and turns…

Photographer is hired – shoot is scheduled for next week. I have cut all salt out of my diet as a precaution. Water intake has been increased. What can I say, I am a woman. I can’t help these tendencies.

Yesterday, I was in Montreal for a quick visit to look at the samples one last time and make one minor seam adjustment. I strangely did not feel uncomfortable with three women gathered around me, pulling at a seam on the inside of my leg, speaking quickly in a hybrid of French and English all while gingerly cutting the thread with massive shears at the same time. A chaotic scene to the casual observer – yet I felt a genuine sense of excitement and creativity from these women which put me completely at ease in this very precarious position. I am secretly pleased that they too can share in this creative process and play a critical role in taking my conceptual ideas and help turn them into reality…

This weekend I will have to finish the work on my website and focus on the shipping logistics. My nails now look fantastic and my fingers are simply flying over my keyboard. Time to update my business plan with all these new additions. A weekend spent indoors on a computer – my new norm. But I am secretly looking forward to being anti-social and quiet yet with music blaring in the background. It’s when I do my best work.

Another corner turned.


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