My inner stylist is born


I have literally spent the better part of my life with my nose in the pages of fashion magazines. Now that I have met with my new photographer, my head is literally swimming with thoughts and ideas for styling for this upcoming shoot. I keep getting flashes of Cindy Crawford in the early nineties when I fell in love with fashion magazines and their beautiful glossy pages. Her poignant campaigns are all coming to the surface of my thoughts now, complete with her high-cut one piece bathing suits, size 6 frame and thick eyebrows. I am now regretting throwing out all my vintage Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazines during the big move of 1998. A resource sadly wasted.

And now another facet to my life is about to be crystalized – one that I secretly dreamed of yet never had the guts or opportunity to explore in the days of my wasted youth. Now, because of this venture, it looks like I will now become a model for my site. And why not?! Everything about this whole venture so far has put me completely out of my comfort zone – so, why stop now?


What do you think?

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