Has it really been this long?


As someone who naturally has to-do lists strategically placed on every table itemizing every aspect of my life, it is not surprising that I have a master one devoted solely to this venture. And it seems to keep growing by the day.

The plan for this week. I need to get my nails done. I can barely type coherently anymore. My fingers no longer touch the keys and I feel all wobbly and slip off often. Very annoying.

Business related – I need to confirm the studded legging in Montreal with my pattern-maker so it is ready for the commercial cutter. A lovely couple who operate a referral-only business who specialize in cutting fabric for designers. They will take my pattern and have it computerized so that I can ensure a reasonable consistency of the final product but also to achieve a faster turnaround time during the final production phase. The bolt gets loaded onto this massive machine and in a matter of minutes, all the pattern pieces are quickly cut to maximize my yield. Another fabulous discovery in a seemingly vacant and potentially dangerous warehouse.

I also want to interview a photographer this week to have the photos that I will need for the website. As much as I love my iphone, I think I need to step it up a bit, no? I can never get the angles right on the selfies…

And finally, I want to look at packaging and shipping logistics and work out those potentially disastrous details as quickly as possible because when my orders start flying in, (I dream big if you haven’t already noticed), I want to be able to not only meet the demand, but exceed it – without having to drive to my customers houses to drop off their order personally because I incorrectly assumed that FEDEX does everything…(their commercials are so catchy…)

Each week represents another step in the right direction. As much as the list continues to grow and shift and more items become crossed off, I am starting to feel a little nostalgic – I don’t really want it all to end.


What do you think?

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