My Fashion Inspiration – Erin Wasson


Quirky, fearless, unapologetic and effortlessly cool. These are the thoughts that come to mind when I think of Erin Wasson.

Not that I know her. Or have ever met her. Or seen her in real life…

Now, if I really sit down and analyze this statement, it feels a little strange that I can identify so strongly with only an image. Her brand. I only know that she exists because I have been told that she does. I have only seen what I have been “allowed” to see – yet her influence on me is as real as if I knew her personally. I can only imagine that we would hang out with a cold beer,where we would discuss our latest tattoos and how we never really connect with others because we seem to operate on different level. In this daydream, I see a swing porch in this conversation, dry grass and a hot setting sun…

So, even knowing that I have been fed all this potentially diluted data, I continue to use “her” as a template for my fashion life. I admire her photos for their stunning range. I emulate her apparent unfazed attitude daily. I seek to portray her easy, carefree confidence. But what is truly amazing is that she has communicated all of these thoughts and characteristics to me simply though a photo lens. And that is really where her true talent lies.

To always be quirky, fearless, unapologetic and effortlessly cool. My daily fashion mantra.

Thanks Erin.


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