Raw Sugar

Don't worry - I won't make this mistake

Don’t worry – I won’t make this mistake

Naming a company is not as easy as it seems. If you are not careful, the above can happen and that just looks foolish. Not planned or very well thought out. And once you start, it is really difficult (not to mention expensive) to go back to fix the gaff.

But then again, since I am learning about viral and social marketing – maybe this was all really planned by this business from the beginning in order to get the necessary sharing and reactions on all the social sites “omg – did you see this?!” Like. Share. Pin. RT. Hey, it works, because I just fell for it!

But since I am more interested in staying in business for a long time, I figure that it is safer to go with something that is authentic and genuine to my style and sense of design. Something that just resonates with me. And that’s how I came up with Raw Sugar. It makes me think of the soft and hard, the sweet and the edge. Exactly who I am.

And long legs are just so damn sexy! They deserve to be clothed in the same way 🙂


What do you think?

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