The bank appointment…

Did I mention that I can sometimes be confident?

Did I mention that I can sometimes be confident?

Why are banks so scary?

I pay YOU every month to manage my money. As I am sitting in the reception area next the the fake plant with smooth jazz in the background, why do I feel like I am headed off to the principle’s office for causing a food fight in the cafeteria at lunch? (OK – I felt bad after that one when I was nine but whatever…)

I thought it was a good idea to set up an appointment with the manager to discuss my options and what was available to me as the owner of a new business. I thought that I also needed to know where I stood financially to make sure that not only I could start this venture, but also sustain it once the ball gets rolling. But mainly, I just wanted validation from a conservative source that my ideas had some merit to them.

Still, I feel like I am in trouble somehow.

I will admit that I enjoy shopping. I have been known to spend frivolously on Gucci and Helmut Lang. My aesthetician sends me gifts for paying her rent every month because of my rigourous nails, hair, waxing and lasering schedule…And I do have an entire closet dedicated from floor to ceiling only to my shoes…

I guess what is really making me nervous then about this appointment is the fact that I may be judged for my decisions. And that is a very sensitive topic for me. Sends me into a fight/flight mode almost instantly. But when I start to evaluate my situation, I have to say that I am doing pretty damn good – my bills are always paid in-full and on-time every month, I have savings, I own assets…

What do I have to be nervous about as I wait and quietly admire my beautiful Jimmy Choo’s?


What do you think?

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