Today is the day

My comfort should things not go as planned...

My comfort should things not go as planned…

I will know by this afternoon if I am making the right decisions with this venture. Everything hinges on this one fitting.

Because I have no idea if this woman or her team can even sew.

A somewhat blind leap of faith. And oddly enough, It feels very similar to the interview process. Anyone can write a good resume. Anyone can perform in an interview. But when the time comes for the work to actually get done, this is when you see whether or not you have been duped by the whole process. Only this time, if I do need to fire her – my whole schedule will be thrown off track, I will have to start schmoozing another receptionist for vital industry contacts (sigh/eye-rolling) and my dear friend will no doubt be waiting in the wings to celebrate his victory over this challenge.

I’m just about to leave for Montreal. I now have the luxury of a long drive to analyze my next move should this all go up in smoke.

I’m thinking black studded curtains could work in my condo…

I will let you know the results tomorrow…


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