A good receptionist knows her true power…

The receptionist is the most powerful woman in business...

The receptionist is the most powerful woman in business…

When I started at Richard Robinson, the first thing that I did was befriend the receptionist. She is the keeper of all fashion information while styled to absolute perfection. She is truly more powerful than one could ever imagine.

I decided to use my charm to tell her what my plans were and that I had no idea of where to start. “Gosh, it’s so hard!” I lamented while she nodded. I knew that I needed to get some contacts in the industry, but needed that first introduction from a reputable source. It happened over a coffee before class the next day, after chatting furiously with our hands over styling ideas, she pulled out the old-school rolodex and handed me a card.

My charm always works on men but who knew it would work on women too!

Before I even entered the class I had formulated my email. I am still perplexed how anything was done efficiently before Smartphones. A quick proof-read for professionalism and I hit send. Then I waited. And mildly stalked my in-box on an hourly basis.

And I got the response today! It took everything in my power not to jump through my phone to hug this woman.
“I would be happy to work with you in development of your line. I happen to specialize in pattern-making for odd sizes…” I do not take offence in that statement BTW…

Putting my professional hat back on, I’ve insisted that I meet her at her offices so that I can observe her work environment and discuss matters further. While I am thrilled to get the response, I don’t want just anybody working on this project – this is my baby – and she will still have to earn the job.

My first meeting in Montreal is scheduled! I have no idea what I am getting myself into! But I love a good road trip!


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