My computer skills are on par with Carrie's...

My computer skills are on par with Carrie’s…

I have the cheapest and slowest internet package at home that is designed to function on my 10 year old laptop that is not even set up wirelessly. Computers are not my strong suit. I never developed an interest in them – I like to push the “on” button and listen to the old school windows singsong while I sip my coffee in the morning and see everything light up and work. When the red light comes on, I plug it in. The only thing that I have learned to do is to change the mouse buttons in the control panel from a right-handed to left-handed function when I need to play a practical joke on someone. That is about as far as my interest lies.

Now I need to design a website. Well, this is going to be interesting.

Never one to shy away from some new challenge, and picturing my friend who originally initiated this dare laughing hysterically at the prospect of this epic DIY fail, I do a quick search and find that one can be built in less than a day with all the necessary features for one price. Seems easy enough. I sign up immediately. Not this time my friend (shaking my head)..not this time…

Simplicity is key in everything that surrounds this venture. I don’t need flashing banners and pop-up windows and any other what I consider to be really annoying features. I buy from sites where I don’t have to guess what I have to do next – my attention span is not that long anymore. Strange fonts make me wary. I simply need a site that will communicate my message clearly, effectively and in a very chic and elegant way. Beautiful photos. Clear text. Easy navigation. And most importantly, security. Would you not agree?

And just like Carrie, I too prefer to keep my money right where I can see it. In my closet.


What do you think?

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