This is starting to become very real...

This is starting to become very real…

So I my gut had a reaction. And it involved studs.

After hours and hours of searching and gathering samples, it all happened very fast. I am still not too sure why or how the decision came to me but it caught the corner of my eye as I was scanning the shelves and I simply zeroed in. I calmly pointed and said to my new friend “that’s the one”. I have learned never to argue with instinct.

And that’s how my very first bolt was purchased. It’s a black base with hundreds of mini flat metal dots seared to the fabric itself. I have never seen anything like it before in all my travels. And for my first pair of leggings, I think that it will be perfect. Trendy AND unique at the same time – exactly the type of things that I love to wear!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel pretty pleased with myself when I got to ride the freight elevator down to the loading dock like all other designers before me – even some really famous ones who happen to use this business as their little hidden gem…

And as I struggled to carry my newly purchased fashion gold into her studio in 5 inch heels, I quietly prayed to myself that it would be suitable for production. Like I said – it all happened so fast! But something told me that I would have nothing to worry about – this whole process has been naturally unfolding as if it were always meant to be.

Meeting confirmed – I am off again to Montreal on Thursday for my very first fitting of my legging prototype! Don’t worry – I’ll be sure to send a sneak peak…


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