Would you walk into a place like this?

I had to climb a rusted ladder in heels...

I had to climb a rusted ladder in heels…

At first glance, I never imagined that a legitimate business would ever exist within these walls. I checked my addresses three times to make sure that I was in the right place and not being lured to my death. “Meet so-and-so by the freight elevators at this abandoned building…”

FYI – I’ve watched all the cheesy horror movies so I know that the pretty girl who wanders into the abandoned building/house/forest alone always dies. I happen to be missing the platinum blond hair and massive breasts yet things seemed eerily similar. Even so, ignoring all obvious warning bells, I still wandered in.

And what I found was astounding. A thriving industry of fabric suppliers teeming with life! Rooms packed to the ceiling with bolts of fabric in every colour and style imaginable. All surrounded by thick concrete, under a haze of light that filtered through the mismatched archaic windows (which may or may not have ever been cleaned). Fans were blowing a breeze in all directions. Sturdy yet ancient machinery was turning steadily, measuring massive amounts of fabric, working exactly as it should – no “modern” innovation required. Tables were overflowing with samples. And customers were leaving with dozens of bolts piled precariously on dollies down big freight elevators.

And also a little overwhelming.

I think he noticed the mild panic in my eyes and introduced himself. I immediately felt a sense of relief. I proceeded to spend the next three hours touring the spaces, digging through piles and getting excited at all the possibilities that were presented in front of me. I did enter into this scenario with a plan – to create leggings that make me excited to walk down the street. And with all the fabric choices in front of me, I am certain to find what I am looking for.

Leather and studs anyone?


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