A balancing act

Stunning - but a nightmare to care for...

Stunning – but a nightmare to care for…

What exactly am I trying to create during this development process?

And once I have figured out what I am trying to create, how the hell am I supposed to communicate this to a relative stranger (in another city no less) who will hopefully understand what it is I am trying to say through nothing more than enthusiasm and hand gestures; but then take this data to replicate and create a product that is, in reality, exists only in my head….

Sigh. This is not going to be easy.

At a basic level – what drives me nuts about all my current leggings?

1. They are too short. Annoying for many obvious tall reasons (cold ankles etc.) but also because I am forced to shave a third of my leg when I would rather not at all.

2. The thin, elastic band always sits in that really bad place on my hip where, no matter how skinny my day is going, it has this urge to cut me in such a way that everything starts to hang over the edges when I sit and I end up feeling like a blimp when clearly I am not.

3. They stretch out and sag in the bum or crotch after wearing them for 5 minutes. I leave the house feeling amazing and I want to come home and change by lunch.

4. They inspire zero reaction from strangers. They are simply just that – a pair of leggings.

Adding to all the potential difficulties of communicating my vision clearly, I also have to strike that design balance between something that is stunning, interesting and unique with the mundane business practicalities of price, care and wearability for those who would be willing to purchase my final product.

A very fine line to walk indeed. I clearly need more data. And I really hope she can read minds.


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