Meeting update

 I felt like this today minus the shopping bags...

I felt like this today minus the shopping bags…

So, I got lost. It’s amazing how when the adrenaline kicks in one’s focus becomes acute and actions become automatic. And its amazing how scary some neighborhoods can be when it does happen.

Anyhoo – I made it to the meeting with minutes to spare. Being perpetually early always allows me that buffer time for these inevitable bumps in the road. Thank god I’m a natural over-planner.

My first impression of her is that she is really short. We did the usual awkward measuring the difference in height against my hip to break the ice. But she was full of smiles which was very refreshing. You see, I went into this situation without any preparation – I simply wanted to let my instincts push me in the right direction. I knew that I would know from the second our hands touched whether or not this relationship would work out or not.

And walking into her studio, I felt immediately calm. This is the woman who will help me bring my conceptual ideas and fantasies into reality.

We chatted for three hours about everything creative – fabrics, styling, ideas, techniques. She served me cake and tea. It was a lovely afternoon. But most importantly, I got to see her in her natural environment and to observe her work. She is a classically trained pattern maker – no computers – and specializes in correcting errors for her clients. I am clearly in very good hands. Like me, she is a new business woman who has always been working on somebody else’s dreams and now she has taken the risk to make hers alone a reality. I admire that.

And despite my being new and completely foreign to this industry, she is happy to work with me. I am utterly thrilled.I left Montreal on such a high. We’ve agreed to begin the development process for my line of leggings. And I am back again next week to start putting my ideas together. Fabric selections will have to take place. Construction and labeling will have to be established. She has a flurry of people she wants to introduce me to.

I must remember to send flowers to that receptionist.


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