Did I mention I stand out?

I can't help myself sometimes...

I can’t help myself sometimes…

OK – I clearly do not fit in with any of my co-workers at my office with my bleached-stained leggings and stilettos. Thank god I am really good at what I do so HR overlooks my fashion choices and allows me to express myself in exchange for stellar, consistent, reliable work.

What can I say – I was bored last night.

So, I bleach-stained some leggings to see what they would do. And they turned out pretty amazing I must say. Lots of double-takes going on as I walked past. I used a lavender-scented bleach to make sure that I would not smell like an institution. Black loose fitted tank. Beach waves. Good to go.

A plain black cotton legging is simply not for me, except while sweating at the gym. I much prefer textures, colours and odd designs. Makes people smile. Makes me unforgettable. And they are so damn comfortable.


What do you think?

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