Can a body really be standardized?

Just the way I am

Just the way I am

We had to take our measurements in class today. One did not have to be perceptive to FEEL and SEE the look of fear that appeared in their eyes during the explanation of this group exercise. It was like time began to move in slow motion. A pin may have also dropped quietly during this sequence. The simultaneous glare directed squarely at the instructor was an epic event to observe.

Then, as if on cue, they all turned that same quiet, angry, painful glare towards me at the same time.


OK – I am tall, thin, with really long legs. I always have been this way and probably always will be. It’s just the way that my body was made. And while there is a certain amount of satisfaction in maintaining my small yet lanky frame, it all washes away when I am subjected to either mass female anger or as I try to jam myself into clothes that are simply ill-created to fit my body.

Nothing is ever really perfect, right?

But my towering stature is simply off the charts. At 185 cm tall, I theoretically am not even ON the sizing chart – and I therefore DO NOT EVEN EXIST by manufacturing standards! And this does not even begin to factor in my weight…

So, if I go by these handy charts to select my ideal frame with the next closest height – which generally stands about 5’10 – apparently it means that I should also be wearing an XL?!

WTF! I’m 6 feet tall and 130 lbs.
No, I’m not anorexic but thank you for asking. BTW – My croissants for breakfast this morning were simply divine…

But you can see the problem, no?! The proportions are all out of whack!

There has to be more like me out there no?


What do you think?

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