But wait a second – businesses fail all the time…

Leap of faith

Leap of faith


Reality has just hit me. Who am I to design clothes for tall women? I don’t know the first thing about sewing, production processes, fabric selections or pattern making…

Ok, calm down – I do know that this is not something that I will be taking lightly. I do have a plan. I have done some research.

But I am also jumping rather blindly into an industry that is somewhat foreign to me. And this is what I will share with you as I go through this journey. All the ups and downs. And at the end of it all, you will be the first to see my creations and the ultimate completiton of my goals.

But where do I start?

At least I have a good understanding and instinct when it comes to business. That is half the battle. And I do enjoy a good adrenaline rush…

I’ve studied endlessly. I’ve been reading voraciously.
And most importantly, I’ve been told that my eyes glitter when I start to express all my ideas and thoughts…

Stay with me. You’ll see. It will get interesting very soon…


What do you think?

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