MY ankles are freezing – not yours miss 5’7


Can someone please explain to me why 5’7 is considered tall? That a 34 inch inseam length is considered long? I am seriously feeling like a freak of nature here…

I will put it out there and just say what other truly tall women are only thinking…I am begging all websites, shops and catalogues – PLEASE! I IMPLORE you to stop luring me into your space, claiming that you will cater to my needs, filled with promises of jeans that will ACTUALLY be long enough – when what you really consider “long” is frankly more suitable for someone who barely clears my shoulder. You are only providing me with false hope and leave me feeling duped…

MY ankles are freezing! NOT someone who stands at 5’7! I put on a pair of what is considered tall length pants and voila…I get capris!! Thankfully, this whole skimmer length is very chic with the short crowd right now so I seem to be right on point. Who knew that I was a trendsetter? I’ve been running with that style for years now…

So if this is true – that I have been naturally a trendsetter for all these years with my skimmer jeans, then it would stand to reason that I could translate my ideas into actual product for tall women over 6 feet tall. It can’t be that hard, right?

So, don’t worry lovely tall ladies, I am working on some things meant just for us. And I mean what I say. But, please be patient with me…I am barely through my first week!


What do you think?

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