A woman’s body is simply stunning.

Does this inspire you?

Does this inspire you?

The curves of her waist. The shape of her hip. The long length of her legs. When it all comes together, it is simply stunning. Impossible to ignore. And begging to be draped in equally stunning fabric when she is forced to leave the house and be socially acceptable.

Her clothes should be meant to show off this body, in all of its glory.

A khaki cotton twill pant will simply not cut it. A basic button up blouse, that may or may not have darts in it, is possibly the saddest article of clothing available on the market; its only rival is the kitten heel.

Yet, despite the canvas that we are so fortunate to possess, it would seem that this is the only offering currently available to us tall, stunning women. A V-neck sweater offered in 5 different seasonal colours. A mid-rise “mom jean” because a low-waisted jean is considered too risqué.

No wonder I have been forced to hack my clothes to make them more interesting.

But we tell ourselves that at least it is in the correct proportions right? That there is nothing else available that fits! I can hear your exhasperated sighs through my internet connection as we speak. Trust me – I have been there myself. I can understand your frustrations. I have scoured the malls and shops just like you only to have left empty handed and dissapointed. I’ve watched my mini pint-sized friends find shopping gold. But really, just because this is the only selection available for women like us, does that mean that we should simply accept the status-quo and not try to seek something more from our fashion choices?!

Statistics tell us that because of better nutrition and overall quality of life, children are growing up taller than previous generations ever did. Our fashion plight may soon be coming to an end! We are already impossible to ignore in a crowd and soon, we will take over the world! But until that time comes when we are considered fashion mainstream, please, never settle for basic. And drape your body in the clothing that it so richly deserves!

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3 thoughts on “A woman’s body is simply stunning.

  1. I would have to agree. Women are many different shapes and sizes and all of them are beautiful. The beauty of curves is undeniable and exquisite. Thank you for this post it is very refreshing to read a person really embracing curves.

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