I’m not ashamed that I read Cosmo. The articles are actually really informative….

I'm not afraid to admit that I read Cosmo

I’m not afraid to admit that I read Cosmo

I have no idea where to start. But I happen to be an incredibly stubborn woman and I have NEVER backed down from a challenge.


BTW – random thought – I’d be the perfect partner on The Amazing Race.

But, back to reality, I must say that it was an unassuming article from “Ask Jean” in a recent Cosmopolitan magazine that really helped me to put this whole venture into perspective and gave me the focus and common sense approach that I needed. I was especially drawn to number 2; the need to invent something that will help solve one of mankind’s problems.

I happen to know that freezing cold ankles is a SERIOUS problem for the 6 foot tall woman…

It really should be considered outrageous what we must endure as we attempt to cover our ENTIRE leg length! Does the general public have any idea that this is occurring right now on a daily basis all around the world?! Is the fashion industry discriminating against us, forcing us long-legged women into chronic frostbite-like conditions?! I can already see the headlines on CNN “The plight of the tall, long-legged woman…”

I’m definitely taking a risk by focusing on long legs. A niche market. My family already thinks that I am crazy so no need to worry there. I see lots of sighing and head shaking going on as we speak.

Pro: My ankles will be warm and the world will be relieved of my DIY alterations and modifications to my clothes in order to cover the fact that they do not fit. I can already see my ankle frostbite awareness campaign completely averted in the near future…

Con: Utter and complete failure. I guess I will always have my cube… But, by not following through on this dare, I would never live it down at social gatherings for the rest of my life – forever considered the wuss…

Ugh. Peer pressure at 35. Awesome.

I always tend to gravitate towards people who deliver on what they say they will. I also tend to consider myself as part of this illustrious group. I guess I now will really be putting all of that to the test.

Start date April 22, 2013. No turning back now….

Be sure to follow my progress everyday – lots of twists and turns ahead…


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