A watched inbox never rings


The hardest part of this whole development process has been relinquishing control to another person and simply waiting patiently for that person to do, whatever it is they need to do, in the time frame that they need to do it in, without becoming a total stalker.

Sigh…I hate not being in a position to micro-manage my dream!

But I think this process is also meant to teach me the gift of patience and to simply allow me the absolute luxury of endless daydreaming of what the final result will look like. At least this is what I am trying to tell myself as I check my e-mail (again) for a status update. I lay awake at night visualizing my quirky studio space, the happy & confirmed orders, the excitement of creation & collaboration in a sun-filled room that smells like freshly brewed coffee and Hawaiian Tropic. Up until now, it has been nothing but learning, reading, planning and studying non-stop in the dark and dead of winter. No room for the laziness of daydreaming. But now, there is nothing left for me to do but daydream while I wait for appointments to be made with contacts that I do not have access to. Did I mention yet that this bothers me?!

I’ve never been one to sit still and this dream is my baby. I have faith that everything will fall into place exactly as it should. I guess I just need to keep daydreaming…


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