Thinking I’d better keep my day job

20130403-090327.jpgI am not one to make New Year resolutions.  Since I am constantly setting goals for myself throughout the year, to reserve and express them all on one day would result in a laundry list of random thoughts and wishes.  Not effective.  And overwhelming.  Instead, I choose to use the turn of the New Year as a moment to reflect on the events of the passing year and take that moment to say to myself “wow, I didn’t see that one coming…”
Happens every year…
And I guess that is why I never plan in rigid detail because my plan never really unfolds the way I had initially predicted anyways.  Sure, there are thoughts that happen because I specifically make them happen such as “I want to go on a road trip” or “I will go to the gym” but where I will actually end up on this random road trip and how many times I will actually end up at the gym are absolute unknowns.
Situations and events always pop up when I least expect it.  How could I have predicted that I would meet a random stranger who happens to be an expert in a field of which I have no knowledge of, yet is so critical to the success of my particular venture?  How can I predict death or loss of a job?    How can I predict if I will fall-in or out-of love?  Each of these present options and opportunities that until faced, is impossible to know the route that will best fit.  And that route will more than likely be wrong and rocky and filled with gaping potholes, all requiring the agility of a cat while trapped in the body of an elephant.
So, here I am again this year, pondering the twists and turns.  And again, I am shocked and pleasantly surprised at how the story has unfolded.  But there is no point in guessing where I will be next year – I am clearly a terrible psychic.


What do you think?

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