Cue the musical score

Fuck you Cinderella.  Yes, I said it and you heard me right.  That’s for building up a fantasy world full of love, adoration, chivalry and happy endings for little girls everywhere.

Sigh.  I am a hopeless romantic.

But, I am also an intelligent, successful woman who is independent, self-sufficient and highly suspicious of people’s motives and intents.  I have never wired money to Nigeria, I change my PIN number on my bank cards consistently and never leave my purse unattended (at least not anymore…).

How did I let this one slip by me?!  I have been completely sucked in to her unattainable ideal – filled with lovely dresses, sweeping musical sonnets and glittery eyes.  She’s a diabolical  marketing genius in glass – not plastic, high-heeled shoes.  Now maybe, if she were the one asking me for money, I might swoon under those pleading blue eyes and open my wallet to her misfortune.  She was locked in a tower you know…

So, why do I continue to buy into this fantasy knowing full-well that I will be setting myself up for failure?  How can there be chivalry when I (and my date) expect to split the cheque?  And is it really too much for me to ask to have a strong and protective man sweep me off my feet simply to avoid messy puddles on the sidewalk, dotting on my every whim with love and affection all while dancing in the moonlight AND  let me run my own empire and make more money than him?  Can we ever effectively merge our two “castles” and live happily ever after?

Clearly I need to get my priorities straight. Reality does not accommodate this fantasy – and trust me – I have tested it.   And if I push it, I appear to align more with the ugly stepsister and we all know how she fares by the end of the story.  While I am now at least aware of my unrealistic romantic ideals, old habits die-hard.  For I will always fall hard for the man standing at the bottom of the sweeping staircase, waiting for me with open arms.


What do you think?

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