how it all started…

The definite perks of this new job is the fact that I can quietly procrastinate and enjoy my coffee in my cube in relative silence. I am fortunate enough to be in a quiet section of the building and I have a large window that allows the natural light to shine through. I often find myself gazing out the window, thinking of everything and nothing at all. I dread the afternoon when I have to close the blinds because I can no longer see my screen. Really, this is the worst part of my day.

I know that I am lucky with my position – I have what others only struggle to achieve. I have two desks in my cube and a window – that’s considered gold for some! I can come and go as I please. I buck the dress code daily. I am known throughout the building for my decisive actions, deadpan common sense and killer shoes.

So, if I appear to have it all, then why am I so restless?


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